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In its purest form, coaching involves supporting you and questionning techniques to discover what you want and to then you decide on the best way forward for you to achieve what you want. I work on getting you there, quicker and easier than you would working on your own.

This often involves helping you overcome limiting beliefs about what you can do, improving habits, helping you find ways to overcome fears, increasing your skills and challenging your mindset.  This enables you  to be more positive and believe in your potential, so you take the right actions and steps to get where you want much faster than you would just by yourself.  

Coaching normally creates great restults in quite a short space of time.

I use coaching in all areas now, so however you interact with me, you'll benefit from some form of coaching too.

Mentoring is support that, as well as using the questionning techniques of coaching, includes encouragement, guidance, advice and even trainng.  

Working with me in this way is like having a business partner.  With a new, fresh set of eyes looking over your business, plans and goals, we can work together so you can achieve what you want with support.

I often work with business owners on proritising their efforts and increasing and improving their marketing.  I can help you make your marketing more effective and efficient and work together better, both online and offline.  

With my support, you will get continuous learning about business, marketing and discover what makes you AND your customer's tick, so you can enhance what you do, and grow your business.

If you'd like to find out how I could help you please do contact me now.

From business talks and workshops to the SurreyWISE project, I have been overwhealmed with positive feedback from my training.

See my Facebook Events page for training and workshops coming up or 'past' for the types of training I can offer and contact me if you would like to know more.  

You can also book one to one or group training sessions on any personal development or business topic, from business planning to individual marketing topics, from social media to copy for online, advertising, for print and PR.

I've been training since my corporate days and since learning coaching techniques this has become an enjoyable and rewarding part of my role, for people who want to learn and grow their skills.

If you're looking for a down-to-earth speaker, or you want help promoting an event, I'm happy to talk to you about either or both.

Having used coaching myself in 2007 to get over my own fear of standing up in front of anyone, I am now comfortable and have talked for groups small groups and at events with over 100 people.  

I'm quite regularly asked to speak or present at local networking and business groups on topics from marketing and social media to business planning and mindset.

I have also been involved with staff training at corporates, speaking to employees about their personal development, well-being and creating change.  I have a HR background and am also able to get involved in change programmes.

If you are interested in me speaking for you, comparing at an event or helping to promote an event, please do get in touch.




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